February 20, 2018


Welcome to www.Voteforjudges.org.  The Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice created the www.Voteforjudges campaign to provide a nonpartisan effort aimed at judicial voter education.  The Committee to Elect Qualified Judges, a political action committee dedicated to educating voters about judicial elections, is proud to sponsor the www.voteforjudges.org campaign.

Starting on February 27, 2018, we at www.voteforjudges.org will publish the judicial evaluation results from the bar associations as they become available, and the endorsements from the Chicago Tribune. 

For more information about promoting fair courts for all people, please visit the website of Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice, www.chicagoappleseed.org.

Malcolm C. Rich

Executive Director, VoteforJudges.org Campaign


For more information about judicial elections and appointments, please visit For What It’s Worth. 

For information about all of the political races, including more information about the judicial races, please visit:

Ballot Ready at www.ballotready.org


Voters’ Edge at www.votersedge.org



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